The game-changing solution
for pathogen detection

Our goals and ambitions

Coordinated by the University of Bologna, the new European project will develop portable devices with a level of sensitivity equal or higher than that of molecular PCR swabs, and with much faster results. Eclipse aims to design and produce a nanobiotechnological platform for the detection of pathogens that is both economical, usable even by non-expert personnel and with a high level of sensitivity and reliability.

The ultimate detection

Finding novel tools for pathogen detection for a new platform that will exploit innovative ultrasensitive protocols.

A platform for everybody

Making the detection reliable, fast, cheap, portable and simple to use even by a non-expert.

Against the next virus

Applying the platform to many other infectious agents, making it a "ready for the next pandemic” technology.

How we will work

Demonstrating the feasibility and adaptability of the ECLIPSE platform with three test cases: a virus, a bacterium and a protozoan.


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Eclipse involves eminent universities and distinguished scientific institutes and companies. Together for a real game-changer.